ACO Pipe – push-fit waste pipes

ACO Pipe Components

Foul Air
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Key Benefits

  1. Comprehensive range - Pipe lengths up to 6 metres, with diameters up to 315mm.
  2. Ease of installation - Components are lightweight and push-fit for quick assembly.
  3. Optimum joint integrity - Components have a low coefficient of thermal expansion compared with HDPE (in particular), which tends to fail when operating temperatures vary between 10°C and 60°C.
  4. Superior seal security - Components comprise a unique double lip sealing system, ideal for extraneous conditions.
  5. Long service life - Components manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and low on-going maintenance.
  6. Quality design and manufacture - Components exhibit better geometric concentricity, fitting design and weld quality than any other product in the industry.
  7. Connection adaptability - Components are suitable for either push-fit or weld-up connection methods.